I am on the 2022 General Election ballot my final term. It is a contested race with one opponent. I am asking for your vote to give me the opportunity to serve Denton County JP Precinct 2 for a final four years. When I began campaigning in July 2005, I made the following promises:

  1. If elected, and you continue to keep me in office, I am placing a self-imposed term limit of 5 terms.
  2. I will focus all my campaigns on myself and what I have to offer to successfully run this Justice of the Peace court. I will not go down the road of negative rhetoric against any opponent, nor degrade any opponent regardless of their campaign tactics. I would rather lose a race with my integrity intact than win by “any means necessary.”
  3. I will apply the applicable laws to the facts of each case and base my decisions on those laws and facts, even if I do not agree with the law.
  4. I will ensure justice is always done, with mercy and compassion and being tough when necessary.
  5. I will not change who I am just because I have the title of judge.
Each of these promises I have kept and will continue to hold myself accountable to if given the opportunity to serve you through 2026.

I took my first oath of office to support and defend our Country’s Constitution at 17 years old when I entered the US Army Reserves and faithfully executed those duties for the next two years, receiving an Honorable Discharge. The day after that discharge, I took that same oath to serve in the US Air Force. I faithfully executed those duties for the next 8 years, receiving an Honorable Discharge. Fifteen years later, I took the oath of office to faithfully execute the duties of Justice of the Peace. For the last 15 plus years I have faithfully done that. I am willing to publicly debate anyone who says anything to the contrary, as I am sure some will. My previous opponents and/or their supporters in the 2010 and 2018 elections did their best to discredit my service to you and I do not expect this election cycle to be any different. I do, however, understand that an incumbent’s record is up for scrutiny. I invite anyone who takes issue with my service to the community, or this office, to come and sit in the courtroom and make your judgments based on what you personally observe. Every attack brought against me in the past has come from individuals who never stepped into the courtroom to observe how it is run. Quite odd how a judgment was made without witnessing first-hand my performance. When you have no substance, you have to attack!

I expect to be attacked this elections cycle also because of my fundamental beliefs; however, my judicial decisions are not based on my philosophical, political, or religious beliefs. My decisions are based on the two prongs of the law and the facts of each case. I have not received any private or public reprimands from the Commission on Judicial Conduct regarding my service to this office. If anyone attempts to discredit my service, ask for specific instances of my failure to run this court. I can guarantee you that there will be no substantiated instances of me violating any laws, rules, or the judicial code of conduct. Just like my military service, my judicial service has been exemplary. I strive for excellence because I know I will never be perfect. Perfection is God’s business.

My judicial philosophy is rooted in the Constitution and laws of our Republic and this great State of Texas. The Justice of the Peace does not rule on the Constitutionality or validity of the laws passed by the Legislature; hence, the Justice of the Peace’s greatest responsibility is to determine the intent of the lawmaker who penned the bill. Interpretation needs to come through the mind of the writer, not the mind of the reader. The Justice of the Peace, just like every other judge in the State of Texas, is bound to follow the rule of law and the judicial procedures set forth by statute and the rules set forth by the Supreme Court of Texas. There are times that I don’t like the decisions I have to make, but the law trumps my personal beliefs.

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Thank you for putting your trust in me in 2006, 2010, 2014 and 2018. I now ask for your continued support and vote in the November 8, 2022 General Election!